German-born designer Peter Schmid has been at the forefront of sneaker design for the past 15 years. Schmid is a designer who is known for pushing the limits of sneaker fashion. By reshaping silhouettes, blending new product categories and inventing new manufacturing methods, he was always dedicated to changing the design status quo. This forward-thinking approach to design is why several of his designs have been exhibited at the MOMA in San Francisco.

He started his career as a freelance designer for the German sporting goods manufacturer Puma. With designs including the Mostro and Speedcat, Schmid’s work was essential to Puma's rise in popularity in the 2000's. These styles went on to become some of the most successful sneakers of all time. Schmid later moved to New York and continued his work as a design consultant for Donna Karan, Jil Sander and Alexander McQueen.

The quest to further his designs and free himself of the boundaries that come with working in a big company led to the creation of his own brand in 2003. Another milestone came in 2009 with the formation his own atelier - Schmid Manufaktur. With a sensitivity to the craft, the materials, the production process and his obsession to detail, Peter Schmid embodies an approach to shoemaking that returns to the earlier days of shoemaking. This integrated approach to both design and production allows for a high-quality product and a design emphasis that is currently unmatched in the industry. 

A focus on the limited production of unique, fashionable, and well-crafted shoes is what Schmid Manufaktur stands for. Currently, Schmid's styles can be purchased at fine boutiques in Europe, Asia, and directly from Schmid Manufaktur.